We offer turnkey asset tracking and monitoring solutions to companies enabling them to manage and protect their fleet of vehicles and transported merchandises.

Innovative Turnkey, Easy and Reliable solution

Our technologies are easy to implement and our hardware are miniaturized and easy to install.  Designed to work on unpowered and non-motorized vehicle, our technologies can also be used on all kind of automotive equipment and directly hidden on transported goods.

The hardware can be used in a long term, plug-and-play, installation where it operates permanently without human intervention; or it can be used in removable and portable operations.


Live and historical monitoring

Our solutions allow customers to monitor their assets live – updated information is available from every minute to hours according to customers’ requirements.

Our monitoring tools do not require any installation on customer’s appliance.  Furthermore, these tools are accessible by all workstation platforms such as: Laptop, PC, Tablet, Mac, iPad, and so forth, and by all Smart Phone platforms: Blackberry, iPhone, Androids and so on.

All information is stored and available to customers at all time; the length of time the records stored is based on customer’s need – it varies from months to years.

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