Our solutions are based on world most advanced and sophisticate remote monitoring and GPS locator called µLoc™.   The µLoc™ is designed for unpowered and non-motorized equipment and therefore it can be used on all kinds of vehicle such as: trailer, reefer, heater, container, container chassis, and so forth.

The µLoc™ is fully integrated with internal: battery, charger, antennae, GPS, GSM, odometer, accelerometer, thermometer, and other capabilities, please contact us for additional information.

The µLoc™ can also be equipped with interface for connection to asset controller system, such as ISO10368 interface of a reefer per example, or RS485/RS232 interface, and with any other digital and analog input.

Once installed the µLoc™ cannot be deactivated by intruder.

It has many optional wireless remote sensors that are easy to install for capturing of additional important information from the monitored asset.  These sensors are: thermometer, fuel level detector, door opening detector, and other detection tailored to customer’s needs.  Contact us for details.


Our management platform is entirely web based and accessible 24/7 by any Internet appliance including all Smart Phone platforms such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android.  There is no application or software to install.

The customers access the management platform to track, monitor and control their assets.  There is no third party involved; the information is available live from the assets to the customers.


We are providing solution to be used in these applications:

·         Tracking, Monitoring, and Controlling of temperature controlled vehicles such as reefers and heaters.

·         Tracking, Monitoring, and Controlling of Generator Set.

·         Tracking of unpowered vehicles such as trailers (of all types), container chassis, containers, and construction vehicles/equipments.

·         Tracking of transported goods for individual or group of pallets and/or parcels.

·         Tracking of bus, cars, and motorcycles.


Our solution can be customized and adapted to track, monitor and control other vehicles, equipment and assets according to the customers’ requirements.  Please contact us to learn more.